If you’re reading this, congrats! - it means you took a leap and decided to pursue the out-of-the-ordinary in this strange, horribly wonderful thing we call life.

If you took a copy of 9copies.net, my monthly poem/art paper, double congrats!

treasure it,
frame it,
light it on fire and dance around it.

Whatever you do,
let it move you,
towards something new,
towards looking at the world a little closer,
knowing it's always best to not just face,
but embrace your fears with loving arms,
take the jump -

there’s always a new way of seeing.

While you’re here, explore, > check out my art, or > get in touch, (ask about a visit to my studio on Custer!)

or do nothing!

A favorite quote of mine, by Robert Henri (The Art Spirit, Icon Edition):