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The Sea is a piece by Steven Tannenbaum using found objects (mirror shards, bird) along with acrylic paint to create a scene of the sea, bird, and sun with waves that isn't your typical "beach scene"
Acrylic & found objects on wood
24.50 x 3.50 x 0.75 inches (sold)
This found object sculpture painting uses expressionist techniques to show a boat on the ocean
Found objects, dirt chunks, miscellaneous items, and acrylic on board
This mixed media sculpture/painting depicts several boats on the ocean.
Acrylic, found objects and wood, and collage on cardboard and canvas on canvas
24.00 W x 12.00 H x 1.50 in
This small seascape shows a boat on a rough ocean with waves rolling over it
Found objects, collage, and acrylic on synthetic canvas
This mixed media seascape by Steven Tannenbaum uses found obejcts and trash to create a scene with waves, a boat, and a bird.
Found objects, found nature (shells, wood, bark, stone), and acrylic on found plastic on wood
7.50 X 25.00 2.50 inches
This found object painting uses abstract elements to depict a boat on the ocean with the sun in the background
Acrylic and found objects on canvas
24.00 W x 12.00 H x 1.75 in
A seascape by Steven Tannenbaum, this piece uses Monet-like collage elements along with found objects to depict a fish, boat, and sun in a rocky ocean
Paper, acrylic, and found objects on wood
This mixed media piece shows an orange sky with grey clouds, and a small boat going across a rough ocean a bird going towards the boat
Collage, acrylic, oil pastel, graphite, and marker on board
18.85 W 5.25 H x 0.75 in
This seascape collage shows a small boat on a large ocean with a grey sky and building orange waves
Collage on board
This collage with found objects shows a small boat in the ocean with large waves and a yellow sky
Collage, found objects, and acrylic on board
14.50 W x 5.25 H x 0.75 in