Selected Series > Black & White (& color) Series

This mixed media collage uses found objects to create a whirling bee hive of activity and flow
Collage, found objects, acrylic, and pen on board
A surreal painting by Steven Tannenbaum of Tao-E, this green and black piece depicts a man reaching and grasping, along with a wraith and different modes of thought and contemplation.
Acrylic, marker, ink, and paper on Wood
19.00 W x 29.90 H x 0.50 in
This piece by Steven Tannenbaum, titled: Blood I've Already Seen, is a Modern Assemblage Art piece that uses found objects such as cardboard packing material, drafting tools, dried radishes, wire, acrylic paint, & found wood,to make a beautiful boquet of
Acrylic, charcoal, collage, found objects on canvas, wood, cardboard
29.50 x 13.00 x 5.00 inches
Making the Case is a semi abstract found object painting depicting Samuel Becketts existential dread and happiness
Acrylic, ink, found objects, paper, & metal on wood panel
46.13 W x 34.50 H x 1.5 inches (w/ built in frame) | 36.25 W x 24.25 H x 1 in (w/out frame)
Assemblage art with found pieces and past sketches using black and white to delineate boundaries and create a juxtaposition of images, colors, and objects
Assemblage with found objects, collage, & acrylic on cardboard with built-in frame
25.00 x 17.00 x 2.00 inches
An abstract found object collage assemblage, this piece uses found nature, paint, glass, wood, and objects to create harmony, balance, and flow
Acrylic, found objects, found nature (peapod, leaf), and wood on wood
15.00 w x 13.75 h x 2.50 in.